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Find low-cost flights on Singapore Airlines to India. No booking fees on airfares and holiday packages on Singapore Airlines flights to India with Expedia.

He said industrial licensing regime for Indian manufacturers has been liberalised and most of the components, parts and sub-systems have been taken out from the list of defence products requiring industrial licence. The initial validity of Industrial Licence has been increased from 3 years to 15 years with a provision to further extend it by 3 years on a case to case basis," he said.

Issues related to level-playing field between Indian and foreign manufacturers, and between public sector and private sector have also been addressed. Read more on Russia. Subhash Bhamre. Exchange rate. US tops list of countries with which India signed deals for procuring weapons and military platforms. Mail This Article.

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For amazing Bhutan Tour packages Click here. Join Bhutan Group Tours. One of our neighboring countries, it offers a wide range of budget-friendly options to one and all. Known for the amazing beaches, absolutely lip-smacking cuisine and the Ramayana connection — this country has something to offer for one and all. Choose hostels or Airbnb and reduce the per day stay cost to as low as INR per night. INR — depending on the place you choose to dine. Take trains to travel. It will cost you from INR onwards and give you some amazing picturesque views to savor.

Book Sri Lanka Tour. The Southeast Asian country known for its mountainous terrain, Buddhist monasteries, and the beautiful French architecture can be your next destination if you want to travel to a cheap country from India! You will get dorm rooms ranging from INR per night. If you wish to stay in a hotel the per night charges will range from and above depending on the facilities you wish to avail.

Street food will range anywhere between INR Budget Laos Tours. Thailand, a perfect mix of ultra modern cityscape and rich cultural heritage, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins should be your go-to place if you are looking for a cheap country to travel from India! INR and above, depending on facilities and the area you choose to stay in.

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Cheap Countries to Visit From India

Gone are the days when Singapore was nothing more than a sterile stopover — it is now a go-to destination for everyone who has a budget to follow. It is such a diverse country that you can travel here and be happy even if you have a tight budget. Singapore is one of the cheapest countries to visit from India. You can get hostels ranging from INR and above. Meals can range from anywhere between INR to and above depending on your choice of place. You can choose between a reloadable EZ-Link card or a single trip card.

They are easy on your pocket as well as very useful. To get the pocket-friendly and exciting honeymoon trip check out the best Singapore honeymoon packages to make the trip of love memorable. Book Singapore Tour Now. One of the most popular tourist destinations for Indians especially for its budget-friendliness, Malaysia has a lot to offer. From pristine scenarios to the pleasant climate and marvelous beaches — you are never going to get bored in here.

You can get hotels ranging from INR and above if you book in advance. Each meal will cost anywhere from INR in a business district. There are public transportation cards available which cost INR and can be reloaded with values from INR and above.

Defence Exercises of India with other Countries - General Awareness for SSC, Bank & Railways

Book Malaysia Honeymoon Tour. Indonesia — one of the largest archipelago state in the world — is the go-to destination for Indians as it is one of the cheapest countries to visit from India. You can get hotels ranging from INR per night. For cheaper options, dorms are available which will cost you less than INR per night. A list of the things to be done in Indonesia should include nature tourism, volcano tours, cultural visits, leisure tours, water sports, and religious tours. Checkout the Best Adventure Tour to Bali. Anywhere between and above.

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There are metered taxis, which are affordable, and if the taxis are unmetered — get your haggling shades on. Indonesia Tour Packages. The beautiful island of Maldives has been an exotic location.

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Many people do not think of traveling there because it is infamous for the luxury resorts. However, as a country Maldives is one of the cheapest to travel from India — all you need to do is careful planning and good research. You can get guesthouses ranging from INR an above per night. In , the Maldives government started permitting locals to start their own guesthouses, which changed the tourism scene totally making it extremely affordable for people who are looking for the cheapest countries to visit from India.

Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Submarine tour, Male walking tour fall among many things to be done in Maldives. The local restaurants are very affordable, you will get dishes ranging from anywhere between INR 60 to They are regular, costing around INR 70 for a 20 minutes ride. Budget Maldives Tour Packages. Seychelles is an archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Famous for the beautiful beaches, natural beauty, and coral reef, it is an abode for anyone who wants to travel to the cheapest countries to visit from India. You will get hostels and hotels for as less as INR per night.

One person can eat a hearty meal for less than INR at local restaurants. Know More About Seychelles. Politically, relations have not been cold or warm. Mutual benefit has led to economic ties that are fruitful for both states. Malta opened a High Commission in New Delhi in Malta also has an honorary consulate in Mumbai. India is represented in Malta through its embassy in Tripoli , Libya and an honorary consulate in Valletta. Historically, relations have generally been close and friendly, characterised by understanding and co-operation on international front.

During the Cold War , India and the Soviet Union enjoyed a strong strategic, military, economic and diplomatic relationship. India is the second-largest market for the Russian arms industry. India is one of Switzerland's most important partners in Asia. Bilateral and political contacts are constantly developing, and trade and scientific co-operation between the two countries are flourishing. Diplomatic relations between India and Ukraine were established in January India was one of the first countries to develop relations with the European Union. The Joint Political Statement of and the Co-operation Agreement were the foundational agreements for the bilateral partnership.

A Joint Action Plan was agreed upon in and updated in Seven rounds of negotiations have been completed without reaching a Free Trade Agreement. India was the European Union's 8th largest trading partner in India and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf enjoy strong cultural and economic ties. India has maritime security arrangement in place with Oman and Qatar. India is a close ally of Bahrain, the Kingdom along with its GCC partners are according to Indian officials among the most prominent backers of India's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, [] and Bahraini officials have urged India to play a greater role in international affairs.

For instance, over concerns about Iran's nuclear programme Bahrain's Crown Prince appealed to India to play an active role in resolving the crisis. Ties between India and Bahrain go back generations, with many of Bahrain's most prominent figures having close connections: Bahraini politicians have sought to enhance these long standing ties, with Parliamentary Speaker Khalifa Al Dhahrani in leading a delegation of parliamentarians and business leaders to meet the then Indian President Pratibha Patil , the then opposition leader L K Advani , and take part in training and media interviews.

Modern Egypt-India relations go back to the contacts between Saad Zaghloul and Mohandas Gandhi on the common goals of their respective movements of independence. During the War, Nehru stood supporting Egypt to the point of threatening to withdraw his country from the Commonwealth of Nations. In , New Delhi described the visit of President Anwar al-Sadat to Jerusalem as a "brave" move and considered the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel a primary step on the path of a just settlement of the Middle East problem. Major Egyptian exports to India include raw cotton, raw and manufactured fertilisers, oil and oil products, organic and non-organic chemicals, leather and iron products.

Major imports into Egypt from India are cotton yarn, sesame, coffee, herbs, tobacco, lentils, pharmaceutical products and transport equipment. The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum is also currently negotiating the establishment of a natural gas-operated fertiliser plant with another Indian company. In Egyptian investment in India was worth some million dollars, according to the Egyptian ambassador. Independent India and Iran established diplomatic links on 15 March Currently, the two countries have friendly relations in many areas.

There are significant trade ties, particularly in crude oil imports into India and diesel exports to Iran. Iran frequently objected to Pakistan's attempts to draft anti-India resolutions at international organisations such as the OIC. Lucknow continues to be a major centre of Shiite culture and Persian study in the subcontinent. They continue to collaborate in supporting the broad-based anti-Taliban government led by Hamid Karzai and backed by the United States. However, one complex issue in Indo-Iran relations is the issue of Iran's nuclear programme. In this intricate issue, India tries to make a delicate balance.

According to Rejaul Laskar , an Indian expert on international relations, "India's position on Iran's nuclear programme has been consistent, principled and balanced, and makes an endeavour to reconcile Iran's quest for energy security with the international community's concerns on proliferation. So, while India acknowledges and supports Iran's ambitions to achieve energy security and in particular, its quest for peaceful use of nuclear energy, it is also India's principled position that Iran must meet all its obligations under the international law, particularly its obligations under the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty NPT and other such treaties to which it is a signatory" [].

Following an attack on an Israeli diplomat in India in February , the Delhi Police contended that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps had some involvement in the attack. This was subsequently confirmed in July , after a report by the Delhi Police found evidence that members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps had been involved in the 13 February bomb attack in the capital. Iraq was one of the few countries in the Middle East with which India established diplomatic relations at the embassy level immediately after its independence in However, Iraq sided alongside other Persian Gulf states in supporting Pakistan against India during the Indo-Pakistani War of , which saw the creation of Bangladesh.

Iraq had supported India's right to conduct nuclear tests following its tests of five nuclear weapons on 11 and 13 May Based on its own experience during partition, when 14 million people were displaced [] [] and an estimated , to , people were killed in Punjab Province, [] India had recommended a single state, as did Iran and Yugoslavia later to undergo its own genocidal partition.

The state could allocate Arab- and Jewish-majority provinces with a goal of preventing partition of historic Palestine and prevent widespread conflict. India opposed this in the final vote as it did not agree with the concept of partition on the basis of religion. Due to the security threat from a US-backed Pakistan and its nuclear programme in the s, Israel and India started a clandestine relationship that involved co-operation between their respective intelligence agencies.

Since the establishment of full diplomatic relations with Israel in , India has improved its relation with the Jewish state. India is regarded as Israel's strongest ally in Asia, and Israel is India's second-largest arms supplier. Since India achieved its independence in , it has supported Palestinian self-determination. India recognised Palestine's statehood following Palestine's declaration on 18 November [] and Indo-Palestinian relations were first established in India has entertained the Israeli Prime Minister in a visit in , [] and Israel has entertained Indian dignitaries such as Finance Minister Jaswant Singh in diplomatic visits.

India and Israel collaborate in scientific and technological endeavours. Israel's Minister for Science and Technology has expressed interest in collaborating with the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO towards using satellites to better manage land and other resources. Israel has also expressed interest in participating in ISRO's Chandrayaan Mission involving an unmanned mission to the moon.

Israel and India share intelligence on terrorist groups. They have developed close defence and security ties since establishing diplomatic relations in In addition, Israel is training Indian military units and in was discussing an arrangement to give Indian commandos instruction in counter-terrorist tactics and urban warfare. Following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in , India stated that the Israeli use of force was " disproportionate and excessive. India and Lebanon enjoy cordial and friendly relations based on many complementarities such as political system based on parliamentary democracy, non-alignment, human rights, commitment to a just world order, regional and global peace, liberal market economy and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.

One infantry battalion is deployed in Lebanon and about personnel are stationed in the Eastern part of Southern Lebanon. India—Oman relations are foreign relations between India and the Sultanate of Oman. India has an embassy in Muscat, Oman. The Indian consulate was opened in Muscat in February and five years later it was upgraded to a consulate general and later developed into a full-fledged embassy in The first Ambassador of India arrived in Muscat in Oman established its embassy in New Delhi in and a consulate general in Mumbai in Fox Petroleum Group envisions a roughly five-year timeframe for the execution of the pipeline project.

After India achieved its independence in , the country has moved to support Palestinian self-determination following the partition of British India. In the light of a religious partition between India and Pakistan, the impetus to boost ties with Muslim states around the world was a further tie to India's support for the Palestinian cause. Though it started to waver in the late s and s as the recognition of Israel led to diplomatic exchanges, the ultimate support for the Palestinian cause was still an underlying concern. Beyond the recognition for Palestinian self-determination ties have been largely dependent upon socio-cultural bonds, while economic relations were neither cold nor warm.

India recognised Palestine's statehood following its own declaration on 18 November ; [] although relations were first established in Indian officials said it was the third such donation, adding that New Delhi was committed to helping other development projects. India also pledged support to Palestine's bid for full and equal membership of the UN. Bilateral relations between India and the Saudi Arabia have strengthened considerably owing to co-operation in regional affairs and trade.

Saudi Arabia is the one of largest suppliers of oil to India, who is one of the top seven trading partners and the 5th biggest investor in Saudi Arabia. India was one of the first nations to establish ties with the Third Saudi State. During the s, India heavily funded Nejd through financial subsidies. India's strategic relations with Saudi Arabia have been affected by the latter's close ties with Pakistan. Saudi Arabia's close military and strategic ties with Pakistan have also been a source of continuing strain.

Since the s, both nations have taken steps to improve ties. Saudi Arabia has supported granting observer status to India in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation OIC and has expanded its co-operation with India to fight terrorism. Bilateral relations between the India and Syria are historic where the two have ancient civilizational ties.

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Both countries were on the silk Road through which civilizational exchanges took place for centuries. The Syriac Christianity , originating in ancient Syria, spread further to the East and created the first Christian communities in ancient India. Due to controversial issues such as Turkey's close relationship with Pakistan, relations between the two countries have often been blistered at certain times, but better at others.

India and Turkey's relationship alters from unsureness to collaboration when the two nations work together to combat terrorism in Central and South Asia, and the Middle East. India and Turkey are also connected by history, seeing as they have known each other since the days of the Ottoman Empire , and seeing as India was one of the countries to send aid to Turkey following its war of independence. Substantial trade with the former Soviet Union plummeted after the Soviet collapse and has yet to recover. Longstanding military supply relationships were similarly disrupted due to questions over financing, although Russia continues to be India's largest supplier of military systems and spare parts.

The relationship with USSR was tested and proven during the war with Pakistan, which led to the subsequent liberation of Bangladesh. Gorshkov , Chief of the Soviet Navy. India's ties with the Russian Federation are time-tested and based on continuity, trust and mutual understanding. There is national consensus in both the countries on the need to preserve and strengthen India-Russia relations and further consolidate the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Russia and India have decided not to renew the Indo-Soviet Peace and Friendship Treaty and have sought to follow what both describe as a more pragmatic, less ideological relationship. Russian President Yeltsin's visit to India in January helped cement this new relationship. Ties have grown stronger with President Vladimir Putin's visit. The pace of high-level visits has since increased, as has discussion of major defence purchases. Russia, is working for the development of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant , that will be capable of producing MW of electricity.

Gazprom , is working for the development of oil and natural gas, in the Bay of Bengal. India and Russia, have collaborated extensively, on space technology. Other areas of collaboration include software, ayurveda , etc. Cooperation between clothing manufacturers of the two countries continues to strengthen. India and Russia signed an agreement on joint efforts to increase investment and trade volumes in the textile industry in both countries. A co-operation agreement provides, inter alia, exchange of technology and know-how in textile production.

Counter-terrorism techniques are also in place between Russia and India. Bollywood films are quite popular in Russia. In March , Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed an additional 19 pacts with India which included civilian nuclear energy, space and military co-operation and the final sale of Admiral Gorshkov Aircraft Carrier along with MiGK fighter jets.

During the Crimean crisis India refused to support American sanctions against Russia and one of India's national security advisers Shivshankar Menon was reported to have said "There are legitimate Russian and other interests involved and we hope they are discussed and resolved. From 7 August India and Russia will hold a joint counter-terrorism exercise near Moscow boundary with China and Mongolia.

It will involve the use of tanks and armoured vehicles. The first exercise was carried out in in Rajasthan, followed by Prshkov in Russia. The third exercise was conducted at Chaubattia in Kumaon hills in October India is working towards developing strong relations with this resource rich Central Asian country. The Indian oil company, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation , has got oil exploration and petroleum development grants in Kazakhstan. The two countries are collaborating in petrochemicals , information technology, and space technology.

Kazakhstan has offered India five blocks for oil and gas exploration. India and Kazakhstan, are to set up joint projects in construction, minerals and metallurgy. India also signed four other pacts, including an extradition treaty, in the presence of President Prathibha Patil and her Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev.

These MoU also opens possibilities of joint exploration of uranium in Kazakhstan, which has the worlds' second largest reserves, and India building atomic power plants in the Central Asian country. The relations between India and Mongolia are still at a nascent stage and Indo-Mongolian co-operation is limited to diplomatic visits, provision of soft loans and financial aid and the collaborations in the IT sector. India established diplomatic relations in December India was the first country outside the Soviet bloc to establish diplomatic relations with Mongolia.

Since then, there have been treaties of mutual friendship and co-operation between the two countries in , , and Diplomatic relations were established India and Tajikistan following Tajikistan's independence from the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which had been friendly with India. Tajikistan occupies a strategically important position in Central Asia, bordering Afghanistan, the People's Republic of China and separated by a small strip of Afghan territory from Pakistan. India's role in fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and its strategic rivalry with both China and Pakistan have made its ties with Tajikistan important to its strategic and security policies.

Despite their common efforts, bilateral trade has been comparatively low, valued at USD India's military presence and activities have been significant, beginning with India's extensive support to the anti-Taliban Afghan Northern Alliance ANA. The Farkhor Air Base became fully operational in , and 12 MiG bombers and trainer aircraft are planned to be stationed there.

India has an embassy in Tashkent. Uzbekistan has an embassy in New Delhi. Uzbekistan has had a great impact on Indian culture mostly due to the Mughal Empire which was founded by Babur of Ferghana in present-day Uzbekistan who created his empire southward first in Afghanistan and then in India. India has had good relationships with most sub-Saharan African nations for most of its history. The government of India secured a rice and medicine agreement with the people of Seychelles. India continued to build upon its historically close relations with Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Visits from political ministers from Ethiopia provided opportunities for strengthening bilateral co-operation between the two countries in the fields of education and technical training, water resources management and development of small industries. This has allowed India to gain benefits from nations that are generally forgotten by other Western Nations. The Minister of Foreign Affairs arranged for the sending of Special Envoys to each of these countries during —97 as a reaffirmation of India's assurance to strengthening co-operation with these countries in a spirit of South-South partnership.

These relations have created a position of strength with African nations that other nations may not possess. India and Ethiopia have warm bilateral ties based on mutual co-operation and support. India has been a partner in Ethiopia's developmental efforts, training Ethiopian personnel under its ITEC programmer , providing it with several lines of credit and launching the Pan-African e-Network Project there in India is also Ethiopia's second largest source of foreign direct investments.

Gabon maintains an embassy in New Delhi. Relations between Ghana and India are generally close and cordial mixed with economic and cultural connections. India is among the largest foreign investors in Ghana's economy. The IT sector in Ghana too has a significant Indian presence in it. There are about seven to eight thousand Indians and Persons of Indian Origin living in Ghana today with some of them having been there for over 70 years. Hinduism first came to Ghana only in the late s with the Sindhi traders who migrated here following India's Partition.

It has been growing in Ghana and neighbouring Togo since the mids when an African Hindu monastery was established in Accra. The bilateral relations between India and Ivory Coast have expanded considerably in recent years as India seeks to develop an extensive commercial and strategic partnership in the West African region.

The Indian diplomatic mission in Abidjan was opened in Ivory Coast opened its resident mission in New Delhi in September As littoral states of the Indian Ocean, trade links and commercial ties between India and Kenya go back several centuries. Kenya has a large minority of Indians and Persons of Indian Origin living there who are descendants of labourers who were brought in by the British to construct the Uganda Railway and Gujarati merchants.

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  • India is Kenya's sixth largest trading partner and the largest exporter to Kenya. Indian exports to Kenya include pharmaceuticals , steel , machinery and automobiles while Kenyan exports to India are largely primary commodities such as soda ash , vegetables and tea. India operates a High Commission in Pretoria which serves Lesotho and Lesotho operates a residential mission in India.

    Lesotho and India have strong ties. The bilateral relations between the Republic of India and the Republic of Liberia have expanded on growing bilateral trade and strategic co-operation. India is represented in Liberia through its embassy in Abidjan Ivory Coast and an active honorary consulate in Monrovia since Liberia was represented in India through its resident mission in New Delhi which subsequently closed due to budgetary constraints. The relations between India and Mauritius existed since , diplomatic relations were established in , before Mauritius became an independent state.

    Economic and commercial corporation has been increasing over the years. India and Mauritius co-operate in combating piracy which has emerged as a major threat in the Indian Ocean region and support India's stand against terrorism. The relationship between Mauritius and India date back in the early s, when artisans were brought from Puducherry and Tamil Nadu. Mauritius maintained contacts with India through successive Dutch, French and British occupation.

    From the s, Indian workers started coming into Mauritius to work on sugar plantations. From when slavery was abolished by the British Parliament, large numbers of Indian workers began to be brought into Mauritius as indentured labourers. On 2 November the ship named 'Atlas' docked in Mauritius carrying the first batch of Indian indentured labourers. Morocco has an embassy in New Delhi.

    It also has an Honorary Consul based in Mumbai. India operates an embassy in Rabat. In the United Nations, India supported the decolonisation of Morocco and the Moroccan freedom movement. India recognised Morocco on 20 June and established relations in This showed Moroccan solidarity with India in regard to Kashmir. India has a high commissioner in Maputo [] and Mozambique has a high commissioner in New Delhi. Relations between India and Namibia are warm and cordial.

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    India's observer mission was converted to a full High Commissioner on Namibia's independence day of 21 March The two countries work closely in mutual multilateral organisations such as the United Nations , Non-Aligned Movement and the Commonwealth of Nations. Namibia supports expansion of the United Nations Security Council to include a permanent seat for India. Namibia's main imports from India were drugs and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agricultural machinery, automobile and automobile parts, glass and glassware, plastic and linoleum products.

    India primarily imported nonferrous metals, ores and metal scarps. Indian products are also exported to neighbouring South Africa and re-imported to Namibia as South African imports. Namibian diamonds are often exported to European diamond markets before being again imported to India. In , the first direct sale of Namibian diamonds to India took place. India has a high commissioner in Windhoek [] and Namibia has a high commissioner in New Delhi. Namibia's high commissioner is also accredited for Bangladesh, the Maldives and Sri Lanka. India has close relations with this oil rich West African country.

    Twenty percent of India's crude oil needs are met, by Nigeria. Indian companies have also invested in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals , iron ore, steel, information technology, and communications, amongst other things. Indo-Rwandan relations are the foreign relations between the Republic of India and the Republic of Rwanda. India is represented in Rwanda through its honorary consulate in Kigali. Rwanda has been operating its Embassy in New Delhi since and appointed its first resident Ambassador in India—Seychelles relations are bilateral relations between the Republic of India and the Republic of Seychelles.

    India and South Africa, have always had strong relations even though India revoked diplomatic relations in protest to the apartheid regime in the mid 20th century. The history of British rule connects both lands. There is a large group of Indian South Africans. Mahatma Gandhi , spent many years in South Africa, during which time, he fought for the rights of the ethnic Indians.

    Nelson Mandela was inspired by Gandhi. After India's independence, India strongly condemned apartheid , and refused diplomatic relations while apartheid was conducted as state policy in South Africa. The two countries, now have close economic, political, and sports relations. One third of India's imports from South Africa is gold bar. Diamonds, that are mined from South Africa, are polished in India. Nelson Mandela was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize. India hopes to get large amounts of uranium , from resource rich South Africa, for India's growing civilian nuclear energy sector. At the moment relations are primarily economic.

    As the Indian Foreign Ministry's own literature notes, South Sudan [is] 'reported to has sic some of the largest oil reserves in Africa outside Nigeria and Angola. Foreign ministry officials said New Delhi has [a] keen interest in increasing its investments in the oil fields in South Sudan, which now owns over two-thirds of the erstwhile united Sudan's oil fields.

    In return for the oil resources that can be provided by South Sudan, India said it was willing to assist in developing infrastructure, training officials in health, education and rural development. Indo-Sudanese relations have always been characterised as longstanding, close, and friendly, even since the early development stages of their countries.

    At the time of Indian independence, Sudan had contributed 70, pounds, which was used to build part of the National Defence Academy in Pune. The two nations established diplomatic relations shortly after India became known as one of the first Asian countries to recognise the newly independent African country. India and Sudan also share geographic and historical similarities, as well as economic interests.

    Both countries are former British colonies , and remotely border Saudi Arabia by means of a body of water. India and Sudan continue to have cordial relations, despite issues such as India's close relationship with Israel , India's solidarity with Egypt over border issues with Sudan, and Sudan's intimate bonds with Pakistan and Bangladesh. India had also contributed some troops as United Nations peacekeeping force in Darfur. Togo opened its embassy in New Delhi in October During the visit, the two countries agreed to establish Joint Commission.

    India and Uganda established diplomatic relations in and each maintain a High Commissioner in the other's capital. Uganda hosts a large Indian community and India—Uganda relations cover a broad range of sectors including political, economic, commercial, cultural and scientific co-operation. Relations between India and Uganda began with the arrival of over 30, Indians in Uganda in the 19th century who were brought there to construct the Mombasa—Kampala railway line.

    Ugandan independence activists were inspired in their struggle for Ugandan independence by the success of the Indian independence movement and were also supported in their struggle by the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Amin in expelled over 55, people of Indian origin and 5, Indians who had largely formed the commercial and economic backbone of the country accusing them of exploiting native Ugandans.

    India participates in the following international organisations: India became the very first Commonwealth republic on 26 January , as a result of the London Declaration. India played an important role in the multilateral movements of colonies and newly independent countries that developed into the Non-Aligned Movement. Nonalignment had its origins in India's colonial experience and the nonviolent Indian independence movement led by the Congress , which left India determined to be the master of its fate in an international system dominated politically by Cold War alliances and economically by Western capitalism and Soviet communism.

    The principles of nonalignment, as articulated by Nehru and his successors, were preservation of India's freedom of action internationally through refusal to align India with any bloc or alliance, particularly those led by the United States or the Soviet Union ; nonviolence and international co-operation as a means of settling international disputes.

    Nonalignment was a consistent feature of Indian foreign policy by the late s and enjoyed strong, almost unquestioning support among the Indian elite. Called Panchsheel five restraints , these principles would later serve as the basis of the Non-Aligned Movement. The five principles were:. Jawaharlal Nehru 's concept of nonalignment brought India considerable international prestige among newly independent states that shared India's concerns about the military confrontation between the superpowers and the influence of the former colonial powers.

    New Delhi used nonalignment to establish a significant role for itself as a leader of the newly independent world in such multilateral organisations as the United Nations UN and the Nonaligned Movement. The signing of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship, and Cooperation between India and the Soviet Union in and India's involvement in the internal affairs of its smaller neighbours in the s and s tarnished New Delhi's image as a nonaligned nation and led some observers to note that in practice, nonalignment applied only to India's relations with countries outside South Asia.

    As a founding member of the United Nations, India strongly supports the purposes and principles of the UN and has made significant contributions to implementing the goals of the Charter , and the evolution of the UN's specialised programmes and agencies. India has contributed troops to United Nations peacekeeping efforts in Korea , [] [] Egypt and the Congo in its earlier years and in Somalia, Angola, Haiti, Liberia, Lebanon and Rwanda in recent years, and more recently in the South Sudan conflict. India is a member of the G4 group of nations who back each other in seeking a permanent seat on the security council and advocate in favour of the reformation of the UNSC.

    India is also part of the Group of Described by the WTO's former chief, Pascal Lamy , as one of the organisation's "big brothers", [] India was instrumental in bringing down the Doha Development Round of talks in India's territorial disputes with neighbouring Pakistan and People's Republic of China have played a crucial role in its foreign policy.

    India is also involved in minor territorial disputes with neighbouring Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives. India currently maintains two manned stations in Antarctica but has made some unofficial territorial claims , which are yet to be clarified.

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    Indian forces occupied the area in after China and India fought their border war. Three villages are located in the disputed zone: The dispute intensified in as the Nepali parliament considered a treaty on hydro-electric development of the river. India and Nepal differ as to which stream constitutes the source of the river. Nepal regards the Limpiyadhura as the source; India claims the Lipu Lekh. Nepal has reportedly tabled an map from the British India Office to support its position. The countries have held several meetings about the dispute and discussed jointly surveying to resolve the issue.

    Because the disputed area lies near the Sino-Indian frontier, it gains strategic value. Two regions are claimed by both India and China. Aksai Chin is in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir , at the junction of India , Tibet and Xinjiang , India claims the 38,square-kilometre territory, currently administered by China after Sino-Indian War. India also considers the cessation of Shaksam Valley to China by Pakistan as illegal and a part of its territory. Arunachal Pradesh is a state of India in the country's northeast, bordering on Bhutan , Burma and China's Tibet , though it is under Indian administration since , China claims the 90,square-kilometre area as South Tibet.

    Also the boundary between the North Indian states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand with China's Tibet is not properly demarcated with some portions under de facto administration of India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overview of relations. Constitution and law. Government of India. Supreme court Chief justice High courts Chief justices District courts. Election commission: Chief Election Commissioner Election commissioners Recent general elections: Recent state elections: Administrative divisions ——————— State governments Governors List Chief ministers List Chief secretary Principal secretaries Field-level officers Divisional commissioners District magistrates Sub-divisional magistrates Legislatures: Vidhan Sabha Vidhan Parishad ——————— Local governments: District councils Block panchayats Gram Panchayats Urban bodies: Municipal corporations Municipal councils Nagar panchayats.

    Other countries Atlas. Nations that host an Indian diplomatic mission. Main article: Indian Look East policy. Further information: Neighbourhood first policy. Afghanistan—India relations. Bangladesh—India relations. Bhutan—India relations. Burma—India relations. Constitutional Tribunal Chairman: Myo Nyunt. Assembly of the Union. Supreme Court. Chief Justice Htun Htun Oo. Recent elections. Administrative divisions. Foreign relations. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister: Related topics. China—India relations. India—Maldives relations. India—Nepal relations. India—Pakistan relations.

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