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I was blown away by all the lasers, mirrors and optical illusions etc. I loved walking around in the different themed rooms trying to feel your way out. I especially loved one of the rooms where it was pitch black dark and you need to find your way out and the only way out is to squeeze through a narrow passage made out of soft like material that gets smaller, smaller the further along you travel. It was kind of freaky because you thinking is this the right way should I go back etc.


Infinity is not for little children under 8ish or people who are Closter phobic or scared of the dark. Not at all what it looks like in the brochures! It is dark, frightening, loud with things blowing in your ears, hanging in your face and walls that feel like they are sufercating you.

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  • Entry to INFINITY, the Ultimate Gold Coast Attraction;

This was made worse, by the fact we couldn't get out, didn't know which direction to go in and alien faces in test tubes looking at you. The girl on the counter said it would take mins. One of the rooms has padded walls which feel like when you are walking through, get smaller and tighter the more you go through. For claustrophics, this is horrible!

Would not reccommend for children at all.

In all the tourist mags, there are pictures of families going to Infinity and having fun. Don't be fooled - this is not suitable for kids.

Terms and Conditions

When we paid at reception, they asked if the kids were scared of the dark. Both are are not scared of the dark and wanted to look at the "sparkley things" and go into the maze with their "glow in the dark" gloves on. So in we went The sounds in most of the rooms was up far too loud, it was like a rock concert.

Infinity Gold Coast Discount Attraction Prices, Surfers Paradise

My kids had their hands over their ears from the first room onwards Some of the rooms are too dark for kids to find their way around. I had to carry two kids, screaming and crying with fear through all the rooms. While the Infinity terms and conditions say that "Young children must be able to walk through without assistance", in reality that's not going to happen. Both my kids froze up, screaming - it was like being in a nightmare for them. This was made worse, by the fact we couldn't get out. There needs to be a panic button in there and a working emergency exit. I went trying to find an emergency exit I wouldn't have cared if the fire alarm went off but couldn't actually find one.

Some of the rooms are way too scary for kids pictures of heads, torsos etc.. I don't want to think about the psychological affects this could have on them. The girl at the end told me that she couldn't hear me because the sound doesn't work in there. Duration Allow approximately 30 minutes duration for the whole experience. Child Friendly This experience welcomes families with children.

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Awesome We loved it, great customer service, nagical attraction. Worth to have a go Something unique and fun. Infinity Great fun lots laughs something to do with the kids recommend it. Mrs Fabulous family fun.

Infinity Gold Coast

Fun and unique experience. Previous Reviews More Reviews. Thursday 13 July Spaces Left. Child 8 - 13 years old Minus Plus. Adult Deal Minus Plus. Child Deal Minus Plus. What Would You Like to Know? Login instantly with Facebook Or with your existing Bookme login. Login Forgot your password? Register for Bookme now Sign Up for Bookme. Regardless of your age and interest, this unique Surfers Paradise attraction will certainly offer a unique experience.

Entry to INFINITY, the Ultimate Gold Coast Attraction

Infinity includes an extraordinary galaxy to explore, with up to 20 multi-sensual themed worlds. Your journey across the lands will offer you a memorable experience, with a series of activities which are fun for all ages. With so many worlds to explore, Infinity is truly a great family activity and entertainment destination. Discover the laser zone, light canyon, mystery zone, electron maze or even the bridge that crosses a bottomless chasm.

Additionally, there are a range of mazes that you will find exciting and adventurous. This walk through experience will is done at your own pace and usually takes around 40 minutes to complete. This is an activity aimed at all ages, but is best enjoyed by children over 8. Please Enter Your Question Below.